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 AMPliveNW.com SHOWCASE Membership

AmpliveNW.com is offering pursuing artists the opportunity

To Expose their talent to an International Audience with the benefits of a multimedia networking platforms to attract the support and admiration that will grow,

Highlight, and Reward their Business.

   AMPing up with The AmpliveNW.com SHOWCASE membership today will give subscribers a foundation and the tools to get noticed and started on a journey to success.

The SHOWCASE Membership allows you to learn, get creative and design a custom mini-website to set up shop

build a professional portfolio.

    Giving you the ability to connect with fans and exhibit everything you have to offer to market your craft, from event calendars and ticket sales, music videos and downloads, the latest updates, interviews, and merchandising, etc.

The artist then will be given, their own pay pal [they set up], a promo link to send spectators and fans, and an email for booking and contact

(ex. Link www.AMPLIVENW.com/———— , or  MYMUSIC@AMPLiveNW.com .)

   Signing up with the AMPlive.com SHOWCASE, Membership will exclusively allow access to a wide range of Benefits through different networks to promote your musical talent and build a following.

Becoming a member will give the opportunity to share your  music to over 30+ million followers worldwide , Through Renagade Radio, aired 24/7 from the East to the West Coast Syndicated in 11 Radio Markets . the Band Babes in Studio will Give the Artist a Live Interview on Radio to help PR Your Music as well as the Mini-Web page on the AMP Live NW Networks

A Live shout out on the day of the event during the Prime time show, and Random Airplay in the Loop, [Prime Time Airplay 3:30 to 8:00pm Available]

Reach out to New listeners.
Once a member To AMPliveNW.com showcase you can AMPLIFY any event with the addition of the Renagade Promo Girls in over 80 cities (to sell tickets, merchandise, appear at shows), have access to Photographers and Filmmakers, Combine Live streaming pay per-view. and in-studio/ back stage interviews for articles in musical magazines with the Band Babe 

You also can take advantage of Cheap Tee shirts at Retro Screen Printers and PIG Records for Vinyl and CD Merchandise.

There are a lot of great things in store for those who are willing to open the doors. Take The steps that are going to bring your dreams to reality. Make your mark with AMPliveNW.com and Showcase your talent to the world. The possibilities are here.

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