and the Winner is: Shy Girls ! Renagade

Shy Girls

Newest song ‘Renegade’

Its a monster of a track. [Band Babe Review 2019] Thumping, Seductive, and Strong -Both Musically and Lyrically –

This may just be Shy Girls’ best track yet. [Renagade Radio]

Comprised solely of Dan Vidmar,

Portland based Shy Girls takes post-Weeknd R&B to task, speeding it up and throwing caution to the wind with a truly killer chorus.Related image

Vidmar packs the track with many different layers. Even the opening riff feels more like a hymn than anything else, with vocals that are both innocent and commanding, drawing a sharp contrast against the certainty of the layered instrumentals.

Interestingly enough, Vidmar doesn’t shy away from traditional R&B elements like many alt acts. Instead, he embraces the genre in a way that would make Trey Songz fall to his knees and weep with pure joy. No word yet on whether this is part of a longer release, but here’s to hoping an album is on the cards

Dan Vidmar, best known by his stage name Shy Girls, is an American alternative R&B singer-songwriter and producer currently based in Portland, Oregon. His debut EP, Timeshare, was released in 2013 to critical acclaim on the Internet

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Joseph Dabney
Went to high school with Dan, super happy to see him doing well with music!
Im in love with this mans voice!! It’s a lot like “the weekend” but not as vulgar
Placenta Gobbler
I have a strange obsession with this song. Smooth.
Shaun Perriera
found out about Shy Girls because of Odesza. love it
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