Keasha Beard

Keasha Beard is breathing optimism into the mic with her lyricism and witty delivery. Emerging from a past of addiction and utter darkness, Keasha is heavily endorsing love and pushing peace through her music. Keasha reigns with a mission to impact the entire world through her transparent stories and vulnerable truths.

Keasha has been performing around the Pacific Northwest, growing recognition for her music in all sorts of social circles. She has two albums readily  available on popular platforms such as I-tunes, pandora, and on her website, where you can hear most of her music from The Memoirs of Keasha Beard Mixtape, and her newest  album Soul Food. Her music is so good it received popular reviews, Quoted from  Pass the Indie- “Keasha kills it on the sweet ballad, “I’m Yours,” kicking off with the hook singing, “IM YOURS, IM YOURS, IM YOURS- ALL YOURS (2X)/AND NO ONE ELSE CAN HAVE ME, NO/SAID NO ONE ELSE CAN HAVE ME CAUSE…”


 Keasha isn’t stopping there. She has evolving interests in other forms of entertainment such a performing arts, theatre, film,and books. Her ambition and goals set her apart from others making a name. Not only is Keasha Beard an artist with lyrical passion we can all vibe with, She has even set out to grow her own brand , Favored & Fearless,  that aspires to produce and distribute talent and merchandise that will inspire, influence,  nurture all people, and  aim to feed the spirit and nourish the heart.

You are more than a conqueror and all things are possible!
Seek the Crown!

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