Mufasa Labree



Mufasa was born Naushi ahna Rochelle Labree Shipp in Saint Paul, Minnesota and was raised by her grandmother in the midway area in the city. Mufasa joined the church choir when she was just 4 years old and had a passion for being creative and standing out from everyone else. Mufasa grew up having good grades and being a respectful person by being raised in a strict household. While in high school, she was known to sing the national anthem at the high school sports events and talent shows, winning second place in a music competition called Johnson Idol. Mufasa graduated from Johnson senior high school with a 3.4 GPA and joined the military soon after. While in the military, Mufasa received a coin from the CORPS Sergeant Major for singing the National Anthem at a Change Of Command Ceremony. After serving 6 years active duty in the US Army, she continued college and is now more focused on her music.


She has performed her song entitled “Never” which has received a lot of views and positive feedback because of the originality of her beats and the song that she wrote. Mufasa’s knowledge in audio engineering has resulted in many great features and projects with artists like Lacey’s City Wilson and strong influential vocals from rap artist YK. Mufasa’s most known song “Feel Your High” was written and produced In early 2016 in her studio and gained ecstatic attention from fans. In 2017, after leaving a strenuous and abusive relationship, Mufasa produced and recorded “You Never Knew” featuring strong words from Minster Louis Farrakhan, focusing on the value and strength of women.

Mufasa plans to continue her art as a music producer/engineer and R&B artist and currently has other independent artists that are working on projects with her in the studio.


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