Wayward Strangers

The “Wayward Strangers” is a classic rock and blues band. We are dedicated to playing songs from 1955 to 1985 in the classic styles that made them the huge hits of their day. We hope to transport our listeners back to a time when their lives were more carefree and spontaneous, allowing them to sing along and dance with youthful abandonment.





Classic Rock & Blues

Band Members

James Allum (head of band, lead singer, guitar,song writer) Brad Older(bass, keyboard, and harmonica) Dale Kennedy (rhythm guitar and vocals) Richard Older (drums) Michael Tozier (drums) Patty Andersen (band coordinator, manager, administrative staff )


Yelm, WA




Classic Rock, Blues, Covers and Originals ..


Jim Allum-
Jim was born in Pennsylvania in 1975. Since childhood he loved and was surrounded by music, the guitar specifically. Hr began playing guitar with his family. His father, Herbert, and brother, Buddy, being his biggest inspirations, both giving his first instructions. As a teen, he played for family and friends at school concerts and small venues. As an adult, joined the U.S. Army where after becoming injured in Iraq in 2010 he was medically retired from service in 2013. Jim was awarded the Purple Heart for injuries sustained from the combat action which ended his military career. His love of music and the guitar led him to an Army musical rehabilitation program to help with his recovery. The program encouraged the use of the guitar to improve the motor skills lost in the combat action. Armed with his beloved Les Paul and his Marshall JTM 45, Jim has worked hard to find his own guitar sound and work past his limitations. With the inspirations of his favorite musicians, George Harrison, Eric Clapton and Joe Walsh his sound is reminiscent of classic blues rock with his own touches. Jim, like all musicians, loves to play for the fans but keeps the music true to his vision. He works hard to improve his sound and is thankful everyday to be able to do what he loves with close friends. 
Brad Older-
‚ÄčAs many musicians do Brad started his music career at church. Only, he was 50 years old instead of 15. Initially mixing sound for Capitol Vision Christian Church and then playing bass on the worship team, he only moved on to rock and blues after meeting Jim. Jim and Brad played regularly at Flanagan’s Apple in Yelm and formed the Band to bring their passion for rock and blues to other venues.
Richard Older-
Richard (Rick) Older began playing drums in 1990 after his imagination and passion was captivated after seeing the video for Guns N’ Roses “You Could Be Mine”. Rick got his first drum kit six months later and immediately began playing in rock bands. Rick would continue playing in rock bands for the next ten years with Fatal Eclipse, Suicide Solution and Soulburn. As a member of Suicide Solution he played on their “Alone” album and the tour that followed. Rick left the music scene behind in 2001 and began a venture into film and television writing where he still works today. In 2013, Rick began filling in on drums for Wayward Strangers during practices and became an official member in 2014.

Current Locatio:

Yelm, WA

General Manager:

James Allum


GOD, Beatles, Eric Clapton, Cream, Credence Clearwater, Elvis, Eagles, BB King, Robert Johnson, Joe Walsh, George Thorogood, Bo Diddly

Press and Booking contact

Patty Andersen



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