Boom Boom Room “LIVE” 8pm Wednesdays

Venue: The Boom Boom Room

Location: The World, Live in Studio Dinner crowd 8pm

Date: Mar 07 to Mar 07

Length: 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Ticket Price: $24.00

Standing Room only

for the Boom Boom Room  it’s Live

Weekly Show to the Live Airing in the Boom boom Room ticket sales Sold out for the Month of Jan/Feb/March 20% sold out for April.

Question of the Week:

why is it So hard in the morning and Like a wet noodle at night,

Stay Tuned as Miss KoKo Tells a Telltale Sign of the what not to DO’s…

Miss KoKo and the Staff here at the Boom Boom Room are sitting back with a 40, and chatting in the VIP Lounge …

So Listen in at 8pm and Hear the Goods on the Artist of the Week,

Plus We have Asked the Question of the Month


if You got the Answer then

We just might Say it LIVE on AIR.

We have the Mystery Box full of Goodies

worth $100.00 to the Winner,

Wednesday 8pm “LIVE”B

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