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Whatever it takez


Prepare yourself…

The following may be considered illegal,  or at the very least a horrible idea,  depending on  where you live.  Kids don’t try this at home. 



Enter the road warrior

Mark Massacre

So it’s like this, I’m a busy  guy,  and not busy like your wife –  I’m actually getting shit done unlike that spare room that is always the center of controversy,  but no matter how much time passes…. You get the idea.   I am a Biz Developer guy in an industry that I helped plant the seeds for 17 years ago,  and have watered with the blood of my enemies since…  Wait that’s not right though it has a nice ring to it. This industry is the devil and its after your soul…  in my case,  2 marriages,  countless years of sacrificed time but Damn it I am making a difference.  The one thing I hope my kids pick up from me is my work ethic.  OK so busy job right –  this is just the start.  I typically travel 15 or more days a month, hitting 2-4 cities a trip. A wife (that amazingly hasn’t dumped me yet)  3 amazing daughters (19, 13, and 6), 2 bands,  a weekly heavy metal radio show on Renagade – Ohhh,  now you’re starting to get it….BUSY. So now that we have set the stage…. Fast forward to today.  I wake up,  immediately seal in for my daily con call….  No ones there.   Odd.  All a few people,  no answers. Weird.  Get coffee,  boss calls.  He was in the hospital till 4 am and will  be incapacitated for a bit,  blown knee.  Never be HEAD of Sales. lol All that’s to say –  I’m making the trip on my own.  Kool. Driver picks me up.  In the car headed to the airport,  I take out my guitar and get 39 mins playtime.  Sweet.  See,  little known fact, my music,  that’s what keeps me from killing people. You don’t understand how lucky the world is that she (music) found me,  and I her. Anyway,  we got this audition Friday for Lyons Pride Music’s Summer Season,  and we are gonna rip this up like a prom dress in Harlem…. Jus sayin….. So I gotta practice,  keep my chops sharp! OK,  get to SEATAC,  board my flight and I have this…Awesomeness!   Do ya see it? Normal people (BAA RAM U,  BAA RAM U) see N empty seat, stretch out n nap.  NOT TODAY SUSIE!! It’s Metal time,  and I got 3 frigging hours to kill. Other than the random acts of animal sacrifice in the bathroom,  it went really well.  The guy next to me liked it well enough,  wished us lots luck at the audition as he limped away from the circle pit near seat 12f, or that was just food being thrown at me.  Whatever,  I had fun. I’ll be back, but in the meantime,  ponder this…. I crack one of my unfunny Dad jokes last night and my 13 year old says I hate you,  I said I seem to have that effect on women…. I should have added – Give it time,  soon you’ll want half my stuff and have random idiots threaten to kill me too!  Did I mention how much fun her mom is?


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